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It’s time again for the Super Secret Zuul Sale!Β  Yes, get your order in between July 1 and July 31, 2012 and you can get 10% off AND Free Shipping.Β  This could save you more than $25 on the Deluxe Zuul costume!Β  Remember that I am a one-woman sweatshop, which means that every year I have to cut off Halloween orders on September 1 so they will reach you in time.Β  Order now to have yours well before the rush πŸ™‚

Deluxe Zuul

Basic Zuul



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I can’t believe April has gone by sooooo fast! Today is the last day for my Secret Zuul Sale. Take advantage now! It’s the best price you’ll see between now and Halloween.

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Well, it’s that time of year again! So you want be Zuul/Dana Barrett from the Ghostbusters movie? The Zuul Dress orders are already coming in and since I am a one-woman show, I thought I’d just remind you all that I can only take a certain number of orders to be delivered by Halloween.

I’m offering two versions of the dress this year:
The Deluxe Zuul

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This costume is made with an iridescent blood red chiffon in 100% silk and silver lame. It has a high thigh slit to be worn on the left side, and a very wide neckline to drop off the left shoulder. The sleeves are cuffed with elastic to create the “bunched” look. Each dress is custom made to your measurements and unique to you.

The Basic Zuul

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This basic version is made with a copper chiffon (synthetic blend) and gold lame. The sash is liquid gold fabric. This costume also has the high leg slit and the wide neckline, but not the elastic cuffs. As with the other costume, each one is custom made to your measurements and unique to you.

Orders received by September 30 will be guaranteed delivery by October 27. If you want your costume earlier for a party, please indicate the deadline when ordering. If you want to order after September 30, please email me first to be sure I can have it ready in time. Last year, I was completely booked up by September 25 – so don’t wait!

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Here are some photos of the finished 1930s gown I made for Erin:

Of course, my mannequin, Belinda, doesn’t quite do it justice. But I’m hopeful that Erin will send me photos of her in it πŸ™‚

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This photo is the work of Simon Bergeron, a Zuul fan and customer of mine. He has Photoshopped the image of my Deluxe Zuul Costume into this beautiful piece of artwork. Thank you Simon!

The costume is currently available in my Etsy shop at off-peak pricing. Order yours now before the rush begins, the price goes up, and I run out of time and can’t take any more orders!

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Here are some photos sent to me from this past Halloween from my customers:

If you have any custom wear from Callidora’s, send me a photo and I’ll send you a coupon code good towards a future purchase. I love to see my work on those it was intended for. Since most of my orders are from the internet, I never get to see my clothes on my customers 😦

Show your Callidora’s!

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I am moving down the wait list for the Zuul dress. So, if you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t mentioned it. Now’s the time. I will be going away next weekend and have a show the weekend after that. If you are in the Richmond area, get your order in and you might be able to save on shipping and pick up at my local craft show exhibit.

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