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I Love Feedback!

Feedback is so important to the handcrafting artisan! Maybe you’re used to giving feedback on eBay, and sometimes you forget and it’s not a big deal. But for someone like me, feedback means everything. Feedback tells me whether or not you liked my creation. But more importantly, it tells others who haven’t had the opportunity to see them up close, that the fit and craftsmanship are equal to or exceeded expectations. Very important stuff when trying to be a successful business.

Even if your feedback isn’t what I hoped, I would still like to know so that I may improve or correct the problem. I’m happy to report that Audrey loves her Cherry dress and I’ve included her feedback with my photos in my Gallery of Custom Work.


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Happy Customers!


I was so excited to receive this photo of a couple of my recent happy customers! It’s the first time that I’ve gotten a photo of a customer wearing my custom creations. Feedback is soooo very important to me. I actually spend time wringing my hands if I haven’t received feedback a week after I’ve sent something out! My work means that much to me – it’s my heart and soul, as well as my creativity.

To see more photos of the coats, the original photo I had to work from, and know the story behind these creations; please visit my Gallery!

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