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Here are my 2 new cloche styles that I’m offering in my Etsy shop. One is velvet and the other jacquard, so they are definitely fine for cold weather. I’ll be making others in Spring fabrics soon. But if you love these styles and want a different color or fabric type, just let me know.

Wide brimmed clocheShort brimmed Cloche


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Trying New Things

I’m dabbing in a couple of new things. I have a severe love for historical and vintage style clothing and accessories. So I’ve decided to try my hand at hats, cloches, with embellishments. This started because I’m planning a 30s Hollywood Glam night with my friends and of course, I’ll make my own gown. But I’ve had lots of trouble finding the appropriate style hat a) in my size, and b) for less than $150; so I must learn how to do it.

I got a book on 30s fashions and I’ve been playing with hat styles, just sort of trying to get construction down. A good friend gave me a Nicky Epstein calendar for Christmas and it focuses on flower embellishments. So here are my first attempts, not great, but I understand what I’m doing now. So Callidora may have some fun hats with embellishments soon πŸ™‚ ssshhhhh! Who knows what the future holds.
knitted flower
reversible bucket hat

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