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This Month’s Giveaway

Winner was Steph Hayes! She already contacted me and is very excited since she hasn’t won anything before. Callidora is so happy to bring cheer into someone’s life! Steph won an upcycled Teal Corduroy Purse. It was made from my daughter’s skirt. All the front and back pockets are great for sunglasses, cell phones, lipstick, whatever!

Congratulations Steph!

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Every month Callidora digs through her closet and finds a treasure that she must part with. Her closet, like anyone else’s, needs to give up loved items to make room for new. Callidora enjoys gift-giving and delights in choosing a lucky winner every month.

To be on Callidora’s Gift List, you must subscribe to her newsletter. It’s filled with news and upcoming items (sometimes with a sneak peek!) and a special available only to subscribers. You needn’t worry about your privacy; since she always keeps her lips sealed like any proper lady would. The newsletter reveals each month’s winner and the winner must then notify Callidora where to send her gift by post. If the winner hasn’t read the newsletter, they may lose their opportunity for the gift and it will be passed on to another lucky recipient.

The newsletter and giveaway arrive on the 15th of the month, so hurry over to the sign up page. You don’t want to miss a single thing!

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