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It’s been a year since I posted photos of the Margot Tenenbaum dress I made. The photos were of the dress in a brown/orange stripe which the customer wanted. I’ve made the dress several more times over the course of the year, and there’s been a lot of interest in it again lately. (Which excites me greatly!) So, I thought I’d post some pictures of the dress in the blue stripe. Please excuse my very unprofessional photography skills 😦

side seam vents

The dress is $65 plus shipping and is custom made to your measurements. If you’d like one, you can leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch with you right away πŸ™‚


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margot orig2margot orig

I’ve just finished a re-creation of the Margot Tenenbaum dress from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums! My customer searched all over the net for an original striped Lacoste polo dress – those that were popular in the 80s, and couldn’t find one. Sure there are solid color polo dresses, but no more striped ones being made and sold. So she searched Etsy, and was referred to me by a previous customer (Thank you soooo much!) and we set to work making her dreams come true.

It wasn’t hard to find a striped cotton knit, but it was difficult to find the right cotton knit. The Lacoste knit has a unique texture. Again, it was easy to find in solids, but in stripes. I was only able to find it in 100 yard bolts if I ordered from China. Ummmm, no. So she settled on a regular cotton knit with a delicious autumn stripe.

Belinda doesn’t have the figure to do this dress justice. I’m hoping that my customer will send photos once she receives it. But here’s mine:
margot 2

margot 1 Let me know what you think! If you love it and want one yourself, please let me know. The knit band collar and sleeve bands, as well as the hem are all hand sewn. Nice thing about knit – room to breathe πŸ™‚cimg3470

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